Last Call: Adoptable Puppies Named For Taco Bell Foods Are Today's Internet Blessing

Today, the clouds parted and delivered unto us this ray of pure joy: a litter of adoptable puppies named for Taco Bell dishes. My exact words to Takeout editor-in-chief Kevin Pang this morning: "If you don't let me write about a dog named Fiesta Potatoes, I will quit this job." So here we are.

Thank you, Oklahoma City's KOCO News, for the best story to come across my desk in weeks. A few of the puppies have reportedly already been adopted, and I assume that the remaining dogs in Taco Belle's litter—Gordita, Bellegrande, Cinnamon Twist, Crunchwrap, and Doritos Loco—will soon be headed to their forever homes, too.

Who wouldn't want to wake up snuggling a Doritos Loco every morning?