Pun-Filled Sign Battle Rages Between Indiana Taco Bell, Popeyes

Like all epic rivalries, it began with a chicken costume. A relatively new Popeyes location in Scottsburg, Indiana, recently tried to drum up business by placing a person in a chicken costume outside its location. That didn't sit well with a neighboring Taco Bell, which perceived the chicken as encroaching on the fast-food turf it's occupied for 28 years.

"We were pretty salty about it at first," Whitnei Ward, general manager at said Taco Bell, told WAVE-3 News.

Her assistant manager, Katelyn Phillips, chimed in: "And so, we were thinking, we got beef with that chicken."

[Editor's note: Golf claps for the fast-food employees of Scottsburg, Indiana and their sense of humor.]

The restaurants decided to engage in some good-natured competition using the most visible media at their disposal: Their signs.

Per KXAN News, Taco Bell kicked it off by adding "We got beef with that chicken" to its sign.

Popeyes responded on its sign: "Is that all you guac?"

Other barbs include: "Our thighs are nacho business" and "Bean there. Done that. Ques closed."

The two restaurants are quick to say there's no hard feelings at play here; they're just having some pun fun. We at The Takeout, being food-pun lovers ourselves, can only hope this rivalry continues for another few weeks months years at least.

Clearly, the staff of the two fast-food spots have taken their conflict-resolution training to heart:

  1. Clarify what the disagreement is.
  2. Establish a common goal for both parties.
  3. Engage in public pun warfare.

Ward tells WAVE-3 News residents have been calling the Taco Bell with suggestions for the sign, and the two restaurants may attempt to resolve their conflict by engaging in a dance battle at a later date.