Psychic Banana Predicted The Gender Of The New Royal Baby

Many here in the uncouth States now throw baby "gender reveal" parties to announce whether their upcoming offspring will be a boy or a girl, because they refuse to wait the whole nine months. Naturally, England's royal family would never stoop so low, which means that the whole country, if not the world, was up in arms awaiting the news about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby number three (following the supremely adorable little Prince George and Princess Charlotte) when Kate went into labor (or labour) earlier today.

While waiting, like all of us, for the news, one English morning show decided to stop mucking about and went straight to a divine source: the psychic banana. The Daily Mail reports that British TV presenter Holly Willoughby explained to her This Morning co-host, "It is important to ask the banana the most important question of the day: Is she going to have a boy or a girl?" A dot would indicate a girl, a Y would indicate a boy.

Slicing the end of the banana open, she revealed a "y," correctly predicting the baby's future gender. Reportedly, Arthur is in the running for a name.

We've heard about hanging spoons over the belly or noticing if you're carrying the baby low or high or even how certain cravings can help point to gender (all old wives' tales, obviously) but this banana trick is new to us. We'd like to point out that Willoughby had a 50 percent of being correct, but on the other hand, she was absolutely right.