Prison-Themed Restaurant Thrives In Egypt Because People Are Ignorant AF

Things are rough in Egypt right now as the country battles ISIS, an authoritarian government, and rampant human rights violations. The government has also cracked down on dissent in recent weeks; throwing pro-democracy activists and LGBTQ people into prison for no reason.

Naturally, those prisons are pretty awful: there are reports of torture, malnutrition, and more inhumane treatment. Which makes this story about a prison-themed restaurant thriving in the country all the more baffling.

The Associated Press reports that a restaurant called "Food Crime" in the city of Mansoura features super cool things such as "handcuffs, inmate number plaques, a prisoners' cage and even an electric chair." Adorable!

The restaurant's owner says it's all in good fun, and one police officer told the AP he loved the idea of eating in a cage. Unlike actual Egyptian prisoners, his cage wasn't infested with cockroaches.

"The experience of eating in the cage was interesting because being a policeman, I'm the one who puts people in handcuffs and prisons," he told the AP. LOL! So interesting!

Unfortunately, the prison-themed restaurant trend is not unique to Egypt. The Central Jail Restaurant in Jayanagar, Bangalore has a more "upscale" prison vibe. Here's a cheerful video about it!

The Lockup in Japan has more of a horror/mad scientist prison theme? Menu items include "Incest Salad" and they have a thing for googly eyes and test tubes, it seems.

There was a prison-themed hot dog stand in Chicago that actually had a positive impact on the community by offering jobs to former inmates, but for some bizarre reason the former alderman in the area was opposed to it. After the city kept hitting it with fines, it shut down.

The moral of the story is that people love pretending to be in prison but don't want to do anything to actually correct conditions there, because everything is an actual dumpster fire.