Potbelly Adds Free "Pupbelly" Dog Treats To The Menu

Here at The Takeout, we know more than a thing or two about the intersection of dog and human food. Whether you wish to serve your pet a gourmet meat-and-vegetable medley or a colorful frozen dessert—or just stick to kibble—the point is that we want what's best for our companions. Potbelly Sandwich Shop understands this about its dog-crazed clientele, and so it's launching Pupbelly whipped cream treats for dogs, and it's giving them away for free with any curbside or pickup order.

According to a press release, this is the first time that Potbelly has debuted a menu item specifically tailored to non-human customers; the national fast-casual sandwich chain is giving out servings of Pupbelly at most of its 450 locations for a limited time (no specific end date was cited in the press release). The treat is 25 calories and is described as "A fluffy whipped cream treat for your fluffy pooch. Served in a wide bowl for optimum lickability."

To claim your dog's treat, just place any order through the Potbelly app or on Potbelly.com for either curbside or in-shop pickup (no minimum order amount required), then add on a free serving of Pupbelly from the Desserts section of the menu. Only catch: it's not available with delivery orders. Maybe Potbelly wants to witness all those satisfied customers for itself.