PopSockets Creates New Drink Holder For Generations Too Hip For Mugs

Millenials will be forever known as the generation that killed department stores, light yogurt, the Canadian tourism industry, fabric softener and The American Dream. Many prayed the carnage would slow as the generation settled into their 30s, not anticipating that their successors—Gen Z—would be filled with the same sort of ravenous bloodlust. Now, this generation of nascent consumers appear to be setting their beady little murderous eyes on the mug industry.PopSockets, makers of those little round collapsible doo-dads you stick on the back of your phone, have introduced the newest disruptor in the beverage-holding space: PopThirst.

The beverage holders are integrated with collapsable, round doo-dad technology, allowing the user to comfortably hold their drink without worrying about spillage or dropping their drink. The PopThirst can accomodate both hot and cold beverages, are available in a myriad of attractive patterns, and come in two sizes: White Claw and Unicorn Frappuccino.