Pop Rocks Poultry? Popeyes Fizzy Pop Chicken Debuts In Singapore

North America has been upstaged once again by the global fast food industry.


Fried chicken is pretty good and all, but can you imagine how much better it would taste if it exploded? The whole genre of exploding foods is criminally underexplored in America, even as it steadily rises elsewhere. Aren't we supposed to be a nation of innovators and inventors, of dreamers and doers? Yet here we are, one-fifth of the way through the 21st century, eating only non-exploding chicken.

Singapore, meanwhile, is diving headfirst into the future of fried chicken. Specifically, Fizzy Pop Chicken. Popeyes Singapore's Fizzy Pop Chicken entered this world on Tuesday, and the chain will only be offering it until October 18 or until supplies last.

As FastfoodSG.com explains, this life-changing Fizzy Pop Chicken (very fun to say out loud) is made by dousing Popeyes' signature fried bone-in pieces in a sweet, spicy, and savory sauce made from tomatoes and chilies, and is served with a container of fizzy seasoning to sprinkle on before eating. Essentially, Popeyes Singapore is putting Pop Rocks on chicken. Pop Rocks, I should add, are a candy that was invented on our home soil in 1961. Why not us?

It's yet another example of Singapore's fast food superiority. Earlier this year, McDonald's Singapore started topping fried chicken sandwiches with massive discs of fried cheese. America's fast food outlets proved they have the technology to do this over 18 months ago, and yet somehow, it hasn't become the norm. Our nation has been embroiled in the Chicken Sandwich Wars for over two years, which I suppose keeps our top innovators busy.

Do you know how long it took Popeyes to innovate its chicken sandwich here in the United States? Three years. At this rate , none of us may live long enough to see the North American debut of Popeyes Fizzy Pop Chicken, so if you want to try it, you'll need to book a trip to Singapore immediately.