Popeyes Lets The Good Times Roll... In Powdered Sugar

You may be aware that Popeyes has very good fried pies on its dessert menu. But fried pie doesn't really scream "N'awlins," no matter how delicious it may be. And so, in the quest for greater authenticity, Popeyes is introducing beignets to its menu. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

The beignets come stuffed with chocolate and rolled in powdered sugar. Boston Instagrammers @a_couple_fatties broke the news last week and reported to Foodbeast that the beignets were "pretty good... The chocolate was just oozing out of them." The powdered sugar is abundant.

This is all excellent news. What is not so excellent is that these beignets are still in the testing phase and only available at select Popeyes locations around Boston and Baltimore. "As a brand from New Orleans, we are always looking to bring new dishes and desserts from our hometown to the menu, but at this time the beignets are only available at select restaurants," a Popeyes spokesperson told Today.

Come on, Popeyes! Has there ever been a time in American history when we needed more joy or bon temps than we do right now? I don't think so. (Let's forget for a moment that it's apple cider doughnut season.) Release the beignets! Let the powdered sugar roll!