Popeyes' Quarantine-Focused "Fried Chicken And Chill" Campaign Sets You Up With Netflix

There are three eternal truths to life: death, taxes, and brands attempting to promote themselves even (or especially) in the darkest of times. The third one is quite hard to pull off; usually when companies try to get in on a crisis, it, uh, doesn't go well. That's why we're surprised that Popeyes' new quarantine-themed ad campaign, "fried chicken and chill," actually manages to be...thoughtful, classy, and fun all at once? Way to go, Popeyes.

Here's how it works: Post a photo of yourself eating Popeyes on social media and hashtag it #ThatPasswordFromPopeyes. If you're one of the first thousand people to do so, you'll get a Netflix username and password from Popeyes. As the fried chicken emporium put it via press release: "As a brand rooted in southern heritage, Popeyes treats everyone like family. And what do families do? They share streaming service passwords, of course." Thank you, Popeyes, for validating my use of all my parents' streaming services as a 30-year-old adult.

Popeyes is having a moment right now, and if you've read this website with even the slightest of regularity, you know why. Despite that success, and the fact that the fast food industry seems to be doing okay during the coronavirus pandemic, and the fact that Popeyes reported 35% sales growth in Q4 2019, brands will always keep branding no matter what. So hats off to Popeyes for not running a campaign that accidentally promotes germ-spreading, like some fried chicken chains we know.