America Reels From National Shortage Of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

You might have heard by now that Popeyes has released a new chicken sandwich. The Takeout has raved about it. Restaurant chains have either boosted or embarrassed themselves by arguing online over it. A large current percentage of your Twitter feed can't talk about anything else.

Across the United States, Popeyes' fried chicken sandwich has revealed itself as perhaps the last great cultural unifier, because people all over the country, from all walks of life, are having a hell of a time actually getting their hands on one.

The mania for the Popeyes chicken sandwich has even reached the point where a guy in Maryland was briefly attempting to sell one online for $100. Many stores have reportedly been running out of the sandwiches by mid-day. However popular the sandwich may have been expected to be, neither Popeyes nor the dining public were clearly ready for the sudden cultural phenomenon it's turned into.

Popeyes has yet to release any information about exactly how well the sandwich has sold so far, or what magic it worked to turn a chicken sandwich into the temporary epicenter of American discourse.