Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Fans Are Old Lonely Bastards

Whenever some sort of pop culture craziness goes down, it's usually followed by millions of Facebook posts from old people complaining about how "damn yungins" are idiots who will do anything the internet tells them to. That's why it was nice to learn that the massive cultural reaction to Popeyes chicken sandwich was, for once, not the result of Millenials Gone Wild. Of the millions of Americans who gave in to this seasoned-to-perfection hypebeast, over 75% of them were over the age of 40. Yes, you read that number right.

Fast Company reports that, according to data science firm Numerator, 43% of people who got their hands on the Popeyes chicken sandwich were Gen-Xers; 32% were baby boomers; and nearly 2% were seniors. Meanwhile, millennials, who are for the most part in their 30s, made up only 20% of of Chicken Sandwich-o-rama participants, and Gen Z, aka twenty-somethings, were at a paltry 3.3%.

More interesting data: 24% of the lucky chicken sandwich recipients live alone, and 46% of earn more than $80,000 a year and—chicken sandwich aside—most of Popeyes' regular customers are baby boomers. If you're pulling in that sort of money and have no issue regularly eating at a place where the average wage is $9.59 an hour, you can shut your damn gob about millennials paying a few extra bucks for ethically sourced coffee, instead of using their stagnant wages to prop up old timey industries like canned tuna, rail travel, and mugs.