Popeyes Trolls Chick-Fil-A In Classifieds Section—also, Remember The Classifieds Section?

Thought the chicken wars would simmer for the holidays? Think again. On Sunday, Popeyes ran classified ads in several newspapers nationwide. Not only is the fried chicken chain allegedly looking for more hands on deck, but it needs help on one specific day of the week: Sunday. You know, when Chick-fil-A, its foe in fried fowl, is closed. You'll recall that last month, when Popeyes added the chicken sandwich back onto its menu as a permanent item, the chain did so on a Sunday, likely just to stick it to Chick-fil-A. The new classified ad reads:

Chicken Sandwich + Sunday = Job Opp

Free on Sunday? Have experience putting together a bun + chicken + pickles? Love serving people chicken sandwiches?

Join our team one day a week. Contact: SundayOpenings@Popeyes.com

For Memphis & New Orleans area restaurants

Like everything we see online in 2019, we have to ask: Is this legit, or a viral marketing ploy? Of course, it's the latter. I emailed the address provided in the ads (sundayopenings@popeyes.com) and got an automatic reply with a link to job openings in the Memphis and New Orleans areas. So, yes, Popeyes is hiring, but it doesn't seem desperate for Sunday workers specifically. On another note, some personal news: I'm moving to either the Memphis or New Orleans areas to pursue new career opportunities!