Popeyes Brings Back Its Most Under-Appreciated Side Dish

Run, don't walk—the chain's Cajun Rice won't be back forever.

Popeyes 86ed its Cajun Rice side dish last year, much to the chagrin of Takeout alum Allison Robicelli, who wrote an emotional tribute to the disgraced dish. I was also pretty bummed, as someone who's gone on record as a simp for fast food rice. Well, Popeyes brigade, I've got great news: Cajun Rice will return to Popeyes menus nationwide today in honor of the chain's 50th anniversary.

What’s so special about Popeyes Cajun Rice?

Popeyes Cajun Rice, formerly known as Rice Dressing, was something special. The brand knew it, too. In a press release sent to The Takeout, Popeyes describes the long-lost rice as "a side dish unlike anything offered in the quick service restaurant industry." Per the brand, the rice was formulated with "flavorful Cajun and creole seasonings mixed together from a range of bold ingredients, including bell pepper, onion, garlic, celery and cayenne."


So, yeah. She was zesty.

Unfortunately, like I mentioned above, Popeyes discontinued the favorite menu item in 2021. The Takeout team was bummed, and so was the public. "Since being removed from the menu, thousands of customers have tweeted about wanting the side dish back," Popeyes said in the release. The brand isn't wrong; fans like this one took to Twitter to share their dismay. Now, after recognizing what the brand calls a "flurry of emotions" among "disheartened fans," Popeyes is bringing Cajun Rice back for a limited time.

Where can I get Popeyes Cajun Rice?

I'm very sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Cajun Rice is available for a limited time only. There isn't an official end date for the promotion, but this isn't a Mexican Pizza situation—per the brand, Cajun Rice is not long for this world.


If you've been paying attention, you know that this is just the latest in a string of fast food menu item revivals. As Takeout contributor Shaan Merchant noted last month, fast food brands are bringing back old fan favorites as an ongoing publicity tactic. I can't say I'm mad about it; everything old is new again, and I don't mind a little nostalgia. Let's just hope we can bully Popeyes into keeping the Cajun Rice on the menu permanently.