Today, Popeye's Is Selling $5 Champagne-Battered, Gold-Flaked Chicken Wings

Dear reader, do you live in New York City, New Orleans, Anaheim, or Elizabeth, New Jersey? If so, get thee to a Popeye's. In celebration of the opening of the 3,000th Popeye's location (the one in Elizabeth), the chain is selling a $5 Boneless Wing Bash meal with some very fancy wings inside. They were all hand-battered in champagne before being tossed with edible, 24-karat gold flakes.

To be clear, these very silly, but also very tasty-looking meals are only available at four Popeye's locations—the 75 Lexington Ave. location in new York, the 1005 North Magnolia Boulevard stop in Anaheim, at 621 Canal St. in New Orleans, and at the new Elizabeth location on East Grand St. But there they await you, all covered in gold and only $5.

The rest of us, hungry souls that we are, will just have to content ourselves with Instagram:

We cannot believe that we didn't think to use "golden nugget."

Per USA Today, the chain will think about bringing them back if the demand is high. We don't live in one of those four cities and so cannot speak to the flavor, but they sure are pretty, and since they're not outlandishly expensive, we offer no objections.