Sia, Sans Giant Wig, Spends Thanksgiving Buying Groceries For Strangers

One of the benefits of having spent most of your time in the public eye behind a series of comically large hats and wigs is the ability to go out incognito by simply dressing like a person who has a face. Such was the disguise pop singer Sia decided to wear when she chose to spend Thanksgiving visiting a Walmart in Palm Springs and picking up the grocery bills for a bunch of random strangers without shouting her identity to the masses. Oh, that's nice!

We're a few days late to this one, due to the holiday weekend and all, but it is frankly too endearing not to share. Behold, a totally pleasant news item.

Cheers to Vanity Fair for directing our attention to this most delightful occurrence. The magazine reports that Sia told shoppers she was "Ceci," a woman who'd won the lottery. And that's sort of true, depending on your view of celebrity and wealth and so on. But whatever, she seems to happy to be doing this fundamentally decent thing. In the above video, she has a little hiccup with the chip reader (who among us has not), then says "Tada! Who's next?" and strolls off to the next register.

She looks very happy to be a nice person doing a cool thing with her vision entirely unobscured.

That's the whole story. That's it. Famous person does the kind of nice thing you might daydream about doing if someone you ever wound up with "Chandelier" money. She don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight (she don't need bills)!