Police Lure Big-Ass Pig With Doritos

Over the weekend, a big-ass pig was roaming the streets in Highland, a town in Southern California. Police were called. When they arrived, they found this big-ass pig to be the "size of a mini-horse." Apparently this is not the first time this big-ass pig escaped, because as Los Angeles station KTLA reported, there were "previous calls" and authorities knew where this pig lived.

Police had to find a way to lure this big-ass, mini-horse-sized pig. Big-ass creatures probably enjoy snacks, and lo, one of the deputies had a bag of Doritos in her lunch bag. In this modern-day telling of Hansel and Gretel, the enterprising officer laid a track of Doritos (flavor unspecified) along the road, and like a pig to Doritos, this big-ass pig went straight for the chips. See for yourself:

Congratulations to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, and a tip of the hat for keeping Southern California safe from big-ass pigs.