Please Welcome The Takeout's Newest Staff Writers

If you've been reading The Takeout for any length of time, then you've no doubt become accustomed to seeing the same few bylines pop up nearly every day; our small but mighty editorial staff is a tight-knit crew that collaborates on everything from news stories to recipes to TV reviews to taste tests... no matter how psychologically insurmountable those taste tests may be. And now, our team has grown by two members. Please join us in welcoming our new staff writers, Lillian Stone and Dennis Lee!

Those names might be familiar to you. Dennis is a longtime Takeout contributor who has taught us the best way to eat Korean food and how to conquer Red Lobster's endless shrimp. In addition to being a food writer, he's also a professional cook, most recently working as a pizzamaker at the esteemed Paulie Gee's Logan Square. Favorite topping: Italian sausage, because it tastes like Chicago.

Lillian, meanwhile, has bestowed upon us the sacred knowledge of Captain D's fried seafood and holiday kringles in all their glory. She's a writer who wears many hats, with humor essays in both The New Yorker's Daily Shouts and McSweeney's Internet Tendency and journalism bylines at the Chicago Reader, MEL Magazine, Allure, and more. She is a passionate home cook and makes a mean slab of pork.

We're so excited to see which foods/recipes/culinary abominations Dennis and Lillian choose to champion next. In fact, if you're leaving any warm greetings in the comments below, feel free to tell us what you'd like to see on The Takeout in the coming weeks!