Restaurants, Please Copy This Pizzeria's Pizza-Wine-And-Christmas-Tree Deal

If you live in or near Philadelphia; Jersey City, New Jersey; or Asbury Park, New Jersey—you are just minutes away from what I'm referring to as the greatest December date-night idea ever. Pizza Porta's three locations are once again offering a package in which couples can share two pizzas, a carafe of wine or pitcher of beer, and go home with a Fraser fir Christmas tree for as little as $40.

Why don't more restaurants do this? It's a tailor-made date night: Eat pizza, drink wine, walk home with your tree, then spend the rest of the night decorating, listening to Sufjan Stevens' Songs For Christmas, and watching Elf. (I'm not normally this sentimental, but the holidays turn me into a cheese ball.) Pizza Porta is offering the deal now through Christmas Eve.

The price of the package varies by location. In Jersey City, $40 gets you the meal plus a 5-6 foot tree, while in Philly, you'll have to cough up $60 for the meal and a modest 3-4 foot tree. Having seen what friends and family of mine pay for Christmas trees in big cities—nearly $200 for a large tree in Houston a couple years ago; upward of $150 for an apartment-sized tree in Long Island City, New York without pizza or wine—this seems like a fair rate. (Per KYW Newsradio, the deal also includes ornaments.)

In the state where I live, Montana, we can chop down practically any tree we want on Bureau Of Land Management or National Forest lands for $5, which is what I plan to do again this year. But damn if that wouldn't be an even better deal with a pizza thrown in.