Pizza Hut Resuscitates '80s Logo In Grab For Sweet, Sweet Nostalgia Dollars

Keeping things fresh in the food industry is no easy task, even for a relatively new establishment. For Pizza Hut, which has been slinging affordable, cheese-heavy pies for over 60 years now, there's a delicate balance to strike between changing things up enough to stay relevant and making sure to not ruin a decades-loved formula.

They've already changed up their recipe (and, uh, tried to charge people for red pepper flakes). Now, Pizza Hut will continue to liven things up by looking backwards. Nation's Restaurant News reports that the franchise will return to its classic, '70s/'80s logo, beginning later this year. You remember the one.

Starting next week, ad campaigns will flaunt the new-old Pizza Hut logo, and it will return to delivery boxes by later this year as well. The vintage look reportedly tested well with diners, and according to chief brand officer Marianne Radley, will center the chain as the "OG of the pizza category," a designation that would only ever come from somebody who's made their living in marketing.

It's also a shrewd move in terms of timing; while The Takeout wasn't able to draw any direct connections between the current marketing blitz for Stranger Things' upcoming third season and the Hut's return to its retro insignia, it's still poised to cash in on Netflix's latest wave of '80s nostalgia come next month.

Also, c'mon. If you're a diner of a certain age, you got a little excited about this too. Truly, we are all easy marks for a thing we remember from a while ago.