Where Were You The Day Pizza Hut Changed Its Recipe?

Where were you when you learned that Pizza Hut changed its Original Pan Pizza recipe for the first time in 40 years? You'll want to take note of your surroundings during this historic moment, as your children, grandchildren, and grandchildren's children will demand to know exactly what this day felt like. Well kids, you'll say, it started as a day like any other.

That is, until news broke that Pizza Hut has changed the recipe for its Original Pan Pizza for the first time in four decades. Per a press release, the chain—whose pies' specific flavors and textures are synonymous with pizza for many of us—is relaunching its signature offering, promising a crispier crust, more flavorful cheese and sauce, and a crusty-exterior, chewy-interior contrast made possibly by a "newly engineered" baking pan.

"The finished product is the result of a lengthy innovation journey Pizza Hut embarked on, focused on combining art, science and culinary expertise," the release says. Art! Science! Engineering! The urge to shed one's clothes and scream wildly through the streets is strong, we know, but we must implore you to practice restraint at this time.

The new Pizza Hut pan pizzas are in stores at this very moment and the company is running a special to introduce the new pies, adding them to the Everyday Value Menu for a limited time, meaning participating restaurants are selling a large 2-topping Original Pan Pizza for $7.99 if you order online. You have our permission to print this webpage and paste it into your scrapbook for posterity.