Pizza Hut And IKEA Collaborate On An Awesome Pizza That We'll Never Get To Eat

Once again, an international location of an American restaurant chain is getting something awesome, while we here in the United States get left out in the cold. And this time, we're getting hosed by two chains, as the notoriously better overseas Pizza Hut is running a limited time only collaboration with Swedish furniture giant and itty-bitty meatball juggernaut IKEA in Hong Kong. None of this is fair, but as adulthood has proven to me time and time again, absolutely nothing in this world is fair.

Pizza Hut first teased the collaboration between the two brands on Instagram, in which a surgical masked delivery driver napping comfortably on a BRÅTHULT sofa (All of IKEA's furniture is, like its name, written in all caps, because you cannot simply say it. When a sofa fills your heart with that joy, you must scream it.) Once people were (rightfully) whipped into hysterics, the brands unveiled their new crossover special on Facebook. Bask in the glory that is the new Swedish Meatball Pizza!

The pizza is wisely kept simple: it's a basic Pizza Hut pepperoni pie covered with IKEA's famous Swedish Meatballs. According to Facebook's translation, the caption reads as follows:

"When the old man first knew that he wanted to approve this meatball batch, in fact, he refused! Because he felt that we couldn't ask him to approve, he immediately. He wants to try it, and see if the batch is big! Very Round! Very Juicy!

At this time, one of the colleagues studying the new batch of sleepless day and night and night suddenly picked up a batch of big praises: "It! Home! Batch!"

The crowd was shocked in the room, and the old lady who had always serious, could not help but laugh. asked the colleague to pass it a batch. After the taste, he knew that he knew it was IKEA batch.

The old man bite down. The Gravy Ikea Swedish meatball makes him no longer "Meat Ball is not full :" the fragrant spicy sausage and cheese even more called him to refuse to reject it. IKEA batch

That's it, this "must win IKEA" approved. Thank you for your support for us and IKEA yí jiā jiā jū. We will be able to eat at pizza hut from March 2th. Takeout, take-out delivery or delivery.

If any of our readers can provide us with a better translation than Facebook, please do so in the comments. Luckily, the important information is clear: Hong Kong Pizza Hut locations have already been serving up this delicacy since Monday.