Pizza Hut And Cinnabon Combine Forces To Make Home Cinnamon-Roll Delivery A Reality

If you're ordering pizza for delivery, what could make that even better? What about an order of Cinnabon mini-rolls? Pizza Hut believes that this is a meal match made in food-court heaven, and so it has just added the Cinnabon option to its menu. You can now get one order of 10 mini-buns for $5.99, for dine-in, pick-up, and what everyone is super-stoked about: cinnamon roll home delivery.

Today reports that "people are totally freaking out" over the combo, perhaps because it's the first dessert add to the Pizza Hut menu since 2015's Hershey's Triple Chocolate Brownie. But people may even be more rabid about Cinnabon than they are about chocolate, and this development marks the first time you can get Cinnabon delivered straight to your home via a restaurant chain. Mall rats may recognize the mini-rolls as similar to BonBites, which are served at stand-alone Cinnabon locations. But this is an especially exciting announcement for cinnamon roll fans who don't happen to have a Cinnabon close by.

How many people should those 10 mini-buns be expected to feed—less than two, right? And it's totally cool to just order Cinnabons with no pizza? Asking for a friend.