Pizza Dough Escapes Dumpster, Invades Parking Lot

Run! Run, you fools! The Overproofed Dough Blob will eat you alive!

Overproofed dough is no joke. Midway through last year's sourdough craze, I fed my starter and left it too close to my toasty warm radiator in a loosely covered mason jar. Nine hours later, I arrived home to find that that the starter had burst forth from the jar and crept several inches across the floor, bubbling and burbling and frightening my beagle. "It's aliiiiiiiiiive," I cried, scooping the yeasty glop off of my imitation hardwood floor. Now, imagine that disaster on a far grander scale. That's exactly what happened at a Louisiana Domino's, where some discarded pizza dough threatened to overtake an entire parking lot after a hot, humid week.

Louisiana news site reported on the dough monster, which was born in Covington, Louisiana. Domino's employees reportedly tossed a few pizzas' worth of stray dough into a dumpster prior to Hurricane Ida's landfall last week. Covington local Nicole Amstutz then posted a photo of the expanding dough on Facebook. "Back in Covington, dominos threw all of their dough in the dumpster, and now it's growing into a giant, unstoppable blob,” Amstutz wrote Wednesday.

Amstutz added to the post over the course of several days, showing the yeasty creature's steady creep out of the dumpster as local temperatures hovered in the 90s. "Saturday morning update: it's still there (picture 2), but the dough inside fell and now there are boxes on top. Dough on ground is squishy," she wrote on September 4.

The posts have since gone softly viral, with nearly 2,500 shares on Facebook alone. "I'm really just happy it's making so many people laugh at such a stressful time," Amstutz told, chuckling. Sure, people are laughing now—but don't come crying to me when The Pizza Blob crawls... creeps... and eats you alive!