Pizza Chain Commissions Survey For "America's Favorite Food" And You'll Absolutely Guess What Won

Remember the girl in high school who half-heartedly campaigned for homecoming queen? She knew full-well she was a shoe-in for inhabiting the throne and leading the school dance that night. Her school hallway signs and "Vote For Amber" pencils were insulting. We all know how things were going to turn out.


Amber came to mind today as we noted USA Today's story of California Pizza Kitchen commissioning a poll on "America's Favorite Food" right before National Pizza Month kicked off last week. Honestly, we can't imagine a company would enter into an agreement like that—with the reputable Harris Poll service—without being pretty sure of the outcome. After all, what else would Americans say? Hamburgers? Mac 'n' cheese? The Harris Poll aimed to find out by conducting the survey online among 2,027 U.S. adults.

Well, actually, some people did says burgers and mac-and-cheese, but not enough to topple American's favorite food. Hope you're sitting down, because that favorite food is pizza, to the tune of 21 percent of those surveyed. "Steak came in second (16 percent), followed by hamburgers (13 percent), tacos (11 percent), pasta (11 percent), salad (9 percent), sushi (6 percent), and macaroni and cheese (4 percent)."


Slightly more interesting, but no less surprising, is the list of celebrities that Americans would like to have pizza with: The Rock kicks off the list, followed by Betty White and Ellen Degeneres. It's the communal aspect, we suppose—you probably just wouldn't bond with Betty as much over mac 'n' cheese. The survey also dives into such burning questions as what proportion of people think pineapple is not an acceptable pizza topping (36 percent) and how many millennials would not go on a second date with someone who ate their pizza with a knife and fork (32 percent).

In a statement, California Pizza Kitchen CEO Jim Hyatt opined, "As the results of our second annual pizza survey show, pizza is a passion for many in a variety of ways—that is why National Pizza Month is something we look forward to celebrating each and every year." As Amber herself might have put it: No duh.