Pie Goals: The Geometric Creations Of Loko Kitchen

Maybe you've seen my month-long mostly tragic, sometimes triumphant journey to try to learn how to make a pie crust, a thing that seems simple yet can be awfully frustrating at times. So I was completely awed by this short Tasty video featuring Instagrammer Loko Kitchen, who favors intricate geometric designs for her pie crusts. Loko Kitchen is actually Seattle's Lauren Ko, an executive assistant who makes unbelievable pastries in her downtime.

She makes it look so easy, too: Tossing the pie crust together in the food processor, she uses beets to make her butter pink, resulting a two-tone lattice. Her resulting pie and tart creations—like a blueberry tart topped with geometric kiwi cutouts—are so stunning, it's hard to believe that anyone has the heart to dive into them; it must be like cutting in to a painting. Her entire Instagram account is breathtaking.

While Loko Kitchen's output makes me feel a little sheepish about my efforts so far, it's also pretty inspiring. Pie-making is on my list for this weekend, and I'm now focused on making my resulting creation as picturesque as possible.