Jollibee Accidentally Serves Up A Deep-Fried Hand Towel

Deep fryers conceal all manner of misdeeds. Throw a dented Twinkie in there, and you've got something shiny and new. Cover a bone-dry pork loin in batter, and watch the mottled pig flesh transform before your very eyes. But modern culinary magic can only go so far, and it certainly can't transform a towel into something edible—much to the dismay of one Jollibee customer in the Philippines.

CNN Philippines reports that Jollibee customer Alique Perez ordered chicken for her son from a Jollibee location near the Manila metro area. Perez received her order, which was fried to perfection—but she couldn't tear off a bite to eat. After manhandling the crispy item for a few seconds, the breading fell off to reveal a deep-fried hand towel.

"This is really disturbing... How the hell do you get the towel in the batter and even fry it!?!?" Perez wrote on Facebook. She also posted photos and video as proof. The Indian Express reports that, as of this morning, her video has more than 2.5 million views. In response, Jollibee announced a three-day closure of offending location. Per CNN Philippines, the brand planned to review the branch's compliance with food prep procedures and retrain several staff members to prevent future fryer mishaps. Part of me hopes that Perez gets showered in free fried chicken for life; another part of me suspects that she'll be staying far away from deep-fried fast food for a while. At least she scored a free hand towel.