Philly Pizza Makers Selling Pies For Pickup On Their Front Porch

We've been talking a lot about what the current COVID-19 restrictions are doing to the restaurant industry, forcing dining room closures and causing many businesses to pivot to a delivery or takeout model. But something that is often overlooked are the businesses that were on their way to opening right when all the restrictions went into place. What if you secured all the permits, were scouting locations, poised to launch—and then got unexpectedly hamstrung?

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an interesting feature about Pizza Jawn, an independent business run by David and Ana Lee that serves up pizzas at various pop-ups, breweries, and catered events around the city. Over the past couple years, the pizzas have grown in popularity to the point that the Lees were planning on opening up a brick-and-mortar location right when the coronavirus hit.

With restrictions in place, though, the couple hasn't missed a beat. As the Inquirer notes, they're still churning out pizzas to the delight of the neighborhood: "Customers order and pay online well in advance, get a time slot, and show up at their suburban Philadelphia home, where the Lees set the boxed pizzas on a table, next to hand sanitizer, and watch the pickup through the front door." They've also begun selling Sunday Supper meals, with a menu that feeds 4-6 people.

Pizza Jawn looks pretty delicious, so if any readers are in the Philly area, we invite them to place an order for porch pickup and let us know how it tastes.