Pepsi's #ColaTruce Stunt Sends 130K Meals To United Way, Shuts Our Mouths About Brand Feuds

Earlier this week, we were a little salty about petty brand feuds, but this latest has us uncleanching the fists we were shaking at clouds. Pepsi took its own brand feud—a mostly one-sided one, if we're honest—and used it to help feed people in need.

The best part? It's some old-fashioned, kindly pettiness of the "aren't you sweet" variety. It started with this here tweet:

That's the opening salvo that tipped the folks at Coca-Cola off to a impending visit.

Some Pepsi people brought a statue of founder Caleb Bradham, designed to match the statue of Coca-Cola founder John Pemberton, to Atlanta's World of Coca-Cola. They made them toast. Apparently, someone at Coke did not much care for that toast.

But Pepsi didn't let Coke's I Don't Know Her move stop the publicity stunt. The company announced that for every tweet using the hashtags #ColaTruce and #Share2Donate, a meal would be donated to someone in need via the Atlanta branch of the United Way. And y'all? We cannot criticize this shit.

Boom, 130,000 meals. Your move, Coke.