Slip Into Your Juicy Couture Tracksuit, Because Pepsi Blue Is Back

What were you up to in 2004? Perhaps celebrating the release of Shrek 2? Steeling yourself for Bush's second term? Wearing jeans under a skirt? Maybe even drinking a Pepsi Blue for the very last time before it was discontinued? While I can't—nay, won't—bring back the jeans-under-skirt trend, I do have some good news if you're feeling nostalgic: after almost 20 years, Pepsi Blue is back.

Discontinued in 2004, the berry-flavored Pepsi will return to store shelves nationwide by May 3, the brand announced in a press release. Pepsi also announced the release via tweet to the 1999 tune of "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65. "Feels like a good #TBT to announce this – throwing it back to 2002... #PepsiBlueIsBack," the brand tweeted.

In addition to returning in 20-oz. bottles, Pepsi Blue will be available for purchase in six-packs and eight-packs. In the release, the brand announced that Pepsi Blue will feature "a new bottle and packaging design that calls out for safe and responsible summertime activities, from marathon barbecues to afternoons by the pool or binge-watching comfortably in the AC." I'm not totally sure what that means, but it could be some sort of play on social distancing. I'll be sure to report back.

Pepsi Blue is not to be confused with Crystal Pepsi, the clear, caffeine-free version that appeared in the early 1990s and disappeared shortly after. Personally, I remember Pepsi Blue tasting kind of... sharp? Like if you drink it too quickly, you'll get microtears on your gullet. Either way, this is the latest and perhaps most exciting entry in the Pepsi Nouveau Canon. Everything old is new again.