We Regret To Inform You People Are Still Licking Ice Cream Containers For Internet Points

Last month, people started licking ice cream in stores and putting it back on the shelf, in at least one case legitimately and in others after purchasing said ice cream to pull off a fear-instilling prank without legal consequences. The whole episode served as a reminder that rewarding people with likes, RTs, shares, and other forms of digital attention for acting like morons is a generally bad move, as that will only ever result in additional morons trying to siphon off some of that attention for themselves.

It's then with a heavy heart that we bring you even more news of ice cream open-container licking. Texas station 12 News reports of another self-styled jokester, who released a video (to which we will not be linking here) earlier this week, showing himself licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream inside a Walmart. The man, who "regularly creates social media video and sometimes they include pranks," was contacted by police after his video went viral, only to reveal that he "had a receipt showing he purchased the ice cream." Local authorities are still investigating whether charges can and/or will be pressed against the man.

Ready for the punchline to his dope prank? "Blue Bell told 12 News that they identified the store and removed all of the half-gallon size Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla and replaced them." Because of the very nature of food safety procedures, a company had to recall a bunch of its stock, all so a man could seek out validation from strangers with an equal lack of regard for those around them. It's pathological, and thoroughly sad, and the fact that it may prove marginally legal in the end is evidence that YouTube pranksters are a blight on the Earth.

When interviewed for comment by 12 News, the man declared that "I trolled all Southeast Texas," and that "It took off, it got 50,000 views already." To which The Takeout responds to this unoriginal jokester: Ya basic, dickhead.