People Are Afraid To Eat Loud Snacks While Watching A Quiet Place

Look, I get it. The episode of How I Met Your Mother I most relate to is the one where Lily is called out for being a loud chewer, and it sounds like everything she munches on comes from Ace Hardware. Often I will take my bag of Cheetos and go skulk off to try to quietly eat it in the corner of the office kitchen like the noisy monster I am.

So I would probably have an extremely difficult time trying to eat a bag of popcorn at John Krasinski's well-reviewed and frequently silent movie A Quiet Place, and turns out I'm not alone. NPR and other outlets are reporting today that many moviegoers felt self-conscious over the weekend as they opened their deafening boxes of Junior Mints and crunched on M&Ms. In the movie, a family lives in a post-apocalyptic world populated by super-hearing monsters, so they use sign language and even go barefoot. So any noise, even from the theatergoers, is bound to stand out in the theater. NPR describes, "This is especially true because the silence is so tense—you have no idea when something sudden and dramatic will happen without the helpful horror music that queues you to pay close attention."

You know what else is silent? Twitter.

So if you haven't seen the movie yet, we suggest a different kind of snack. Maybe a smoothie? Just be sure to keep the slurping to a minimum.