Peloton Wife Rescued By Aviation Gin

By now, you're probably familiar with last week's Peloton ad, which, instead of making the $2,245 exercise bike seem like a nice holiday gift, appears to be selling a torture device for imprisoned wives. Peloton stock dropped precipitously, amounting to a $1.5 billion loss in market value. The actor who played the husband in the ad complained that he was now a symbol of the patriarchy. And Monica Ruiz, the actress who played the wife... well, she got a new gig with Aviation Gin.

The ad doesn't explicitly reference Peloton, but you can read between the lines, can't you? The woman played by Ruiz has clearly been through some shit. One of her friends tells her she's safe, and they toast to new beginnings. The other friend pushes over a second martini after she downs the first one. And as the ad fades out, one of them tells her, "You look great, by the way!"

Aviation has a history of fun ads, thanks to Ryan Reynolds, who is a stakeholder.

Ruiz herself told CNN that she'd been overwhelmed by the response to the Peloton ad—which had been a great experience, by the way, and not like torture at all! "When Ryan and his production team called about Aviation Gin," she said, "they helped me find some humor in the situation." To new beginnings!

AdAge reports that the ad was produced by Adam & Eve DDB's New York office in collaboration with Reynolds' production company, Maximum Effort Productions.