Easter Might Arrive Without A Peep

I hope that by now you've learned to read news stories related to COVID-19 with a relative sense of urgency. What we're about to tell you isn't the biggest disaster facing us right now, particularly during a moment in history that is empirically, certifiably disastrous. But for some Easter candy enthusiasts, it's a grim development all the same:

The Peeps production line has been shut down amid coronavirus concerns.

With just under three weeks to go until Easter—the only holiday that inspires anyone on this Earth to think about Peeps at all—this was no doubt a tough call to make. But Just Born, the Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of Peeps and other confections, said in a statement that the company will halt its production lines until at least April 7 and "take this opportunity to further clean and sanitize our production facilities, offices and corporate headquarters." All employees will continue to be paid during this period.

Like all businesses temporarily shuttering in response to pandemic, there's no firm next step in the plan; everything has a potential end date that might get extended, depending on, well, who knows what. But because Peeps have a hard cap on their relevance—Easter is April 12, and Eastern Orthodox Easter is April 19—we can assume those production lines won't be churning out any more marshmallow chicks this year. Which is just as well for you weirdos out there who prefer them stale; perhaps you already bought your Peeps at the beginning of the season and are well on your way to desiccating them on your kitchen counters by now.

Aside from seasonal treats, Just Born is also the producer of evergreen favorites Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales, and Goldenberg's Peanut Chews, so if you're a die-hard fan of these classics, stock up on the existing inventory while you can.