Chiefs' Ketchup-Obsessed Patrick Mahomes Signs Deal With Objectively Inferior Ketchup Maker

Not since LeBron's 2010 TV special The Decision has the nation been so captivated by an athlete's choice: Which ketchup company would sign Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes? Mahomes is famously ketchup-obsessed, so naturally ketchup makers began courting him for endorsement deals. Also, he is good at football (the Chiefs are first in the AFC West).

He'd previously expressed brand ambivalence, telling reporters last month that he alternates between Heinz and Hunt's, and has a soft spot for Whataburger's ketchup. But this week comes news that Mahomes has chosen a side, taken a stand, and will now be endorsing... Hunt's?

Really, dude?

We don't make it a point to yuck others' yums, but when The Takeout blind taste-tested ketchups, Hunt's was objectively the worst: "The dominant flavor most [tasters] picked up was vinegar. Others invoked 'pretty dull' and 'muted' in their descriptions."

If Mahomes really knows ketchup, the condiment with which he's become synonymous, you'd think he would sign with the tried-and-true Heinz, or even a lesser-known but delicious brand like Annie's Organic, which topped our taste test.

"I've been a fan of ketchup for as long as I can remember, and the thick, rich flavor of Hunt's ketchup delivers every time," Mahomes said in a press release announcing the deal. While we find his logic baffling, we're glad Mahomes has finally made his decision so America can move on to other, more pressing condiment matters.