The Time Has Come To Put Fritos On Pizza, Declareth Papa Murphy's

The take ’n’ bake chain just launched the Fritos Outlaw Pizza, a barbecue-inspired pizza topped with Fritos.

I'm a firm believer in putting chips on pretty much everything. It's a holy act, and one that's actually in the Bible (Old Testament, don't look too hard). Chips make an ideal topping for sandwiches (over the meat, but under the sauce), soups, and, yes, pizza. Fortunately, a major pizza brand has decided to get with the program: take 'n' bake pizza brand Papa Murphy's just introduced the Fritos Outlaw Pizza, a limited-edition thin crust pizza featuring garlic sauce, Texas brisket, a barbecue drizzle, and a crunchy Frito topping.


According to a press release sent to The Takeout, the new pizza is a "staple dish for any summertime BBQ." This statement confused me: after all, why would you bring pizza to a barbecue? Wouldn't that overshadow the food being, well, barbecued? But then the brand explained that, like other Papa Murphy's pizzas, the Fritos Outlaw Pizza can be baked in the oven—but it can also be grilled! (As part of the campaign, fans can enter for a chance to win a whole-ass grill at

Another question: what's with the "outlaw" moniker? Is putting Fritos on a pizza really such an act of rebellion? Or is the title more of a nod to the brisket/barbecue sauce adorning the pie, presumably inspired by the dusty cuisine of outlaw country?


Finally: wouldn't the Fritos get a little soggy upon baking and/or grilling? If you've ever baked a nacho platter, you know that baked chips can develop that undesirable chewy texture. But according to the release, "the Fritos remain crispy and delicious after baking." Unfortunately, the brand didn't share any more information on the Frito crispiness. How do they maintain the crispiness? I do not know. Sorcery, perhaps. (The Takeout's resident Pizzadad explains that for the similar Quad Cities Taco Pizza, the chips are added after the rest of the pizza is baked. Is that's what's going on here?) Regardless, the Fritos Outlaw Pizza is available at Papa Murphy's locations nationwide through September.