Papa John's Jack-O'-Lantern Pizza Kinda Looks Like The Wu-Tang Symbol

This year, Papa John's is offering a jack-o'-lantern pizza throughout the spooky, spooky month of October. It's not the first time—we found a mention on Twitter back in 2012. But this is the first year in which it has struck us that this pizza may, perhaps, bring the motherfucking ruckus, insomuch as it kinda looks like the Wu-Tang symbol.

That's sort of true in the promotional photos for the pizza—which, per Thrillist, will set you back $11 and can be ordered using the code (shocking) "JACKOLANTERN" through October 31.

But is is definitely more true in photos of the real deal.

We must tip our hats to reddit user 2muchtomfuckery, who was also struck by the resemblance and thus made us feel that we were not, in fact, going crazy.

Anyway, if you want a pizza that maybe looks like a jack-o'-lantern or maybe like cash rules everything around it, then this is your lucky month. It almost makes one forget all the other stuff.