Last Call: Let's Share Our Favorite YouTube Tutorials And Lectures

I've thought about it for a long time, and I'm ready to say it: My favorite thing in the world is YouTube. I'm talking, of everything in God's green Earth, YouTube is what I enjoy most of all. People tripping on stairs and OK Go music videos rack up the viral views and headlines, but there's just a staggering trove of useful YouTube videos for learning anything imaginable. I learned how to bake bread, beat that one level of Super Mario Galaxy I can't quite pass, a totally slick new jazz chord progression for the piano, and learn about mnemonics to better remember names and faces. YouTube is the greatest college ever, and it's free.

So for this week's final edition of Last Call, I wanted to share some of those videos and tutorials I've watched multiple times on YouTube and found enormously helpful. I'm always on the hunt for interesting longform videos, so please share your favorite YouTube lectures in the comments. [Kevin Pang]

How to spot a liar — Pamala Meyer, TED Talk

Take a nap, change your life! — Sara Mednick, U.C. San Diego

How to throw playing cards

George Saunders on writing

Smartphone photography tips & tricks

Kurt Vonnegut on the shape of stories

5 ways to listen better — Julian Treasure, TED Talk

Hacking Sleep — Justin Massa, Jeff Kahn

Why Deep Work is so valuable — Cal Newport

How to make baguettes