Our Favorite Award-Eligible Stories From The Takeout This Week

The internet operates on hyperspeed—as fast as it takes for your thumb to flick up your phone screen. It means you may have missed some of The Takeout's award-eligible food and beverage writing. Fear not! We've rounded up some of our proudest pieces of writing from this past week.

Not just great with crackers, but pretty dang tasty in a grilled cheese or on a fluffy biscuit.

Four ingredients + Crock-Pot + five minutes of preparation = Takeout staff writer Gwen Ihnat's weekday special.

There is only one correct way of eating every kind of candy, and we're revealing the proper technique.

So you're a meat-eater and you've got a vegan coming over for dinner. How can you avoid the tofu and side salad cliches? We've got a bunch of ideas.

In Connecticut, a cheeseburger that's crispy, delicious, and defies structural engineering.

Our resident Salty Waitress goes full salty on this week's question.

The Rocky Diet: Good or bad idea?

I brake for pea soup.

Takeout staffer Kate Bernot reveals her go-to, stick-to-your-ribs recipe.