Our Favorite Award-Eligible Stories From The Takeout This Week

The internet operates on hyperspeed—as fast as it takes for your thumb to flick up your phone screen. It means you may have missed some of The Takeout's award-eligible food and beverage writing. Fear not! We've rounded up some of our proudest pieces of reportage from this past week.

From slapping them on rocks to washing machines, a look at how octopus gets so deliciously tender.

The Takeout's Kate Bernot gives us a crash course on the bounties of Oaxacan cuisine.

Our Gwen Ihnat has been valiantly trying to improve her pie game this last month. Will this week's Crisco lesson be a success or failure?

Lessons from our resident restaurant-behavior advice columnist.

In an age when any recipe can be accessed on your phone in 10 seconds, an appreciation on the enduring charm of church cookbooks.

Dr. Hoby Wedler loves dining out. He's also blind. Wedler offers tips to restaurant staff on how to make the experience of blind diners seamless.

Tips to cool your Chardonnay, stat.

Shami, chelo, kebab, doogh—our 101 guide to the pleasures of Persian cooking.

During a story ideas meeting last week, we asked The Takeout's Gwen Ihnat what's the best dish she makes. Without a pause, she said her mother's stuffed shells. We talked Gwen into divulging her secret go-to recipe.

Everything you need to know to dive into the world of cava, champagne, and sparkling wine

Would customers at a tavern be annoyed if you brought your kid? Our Salty Waitress answers.

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago is a wild scene. A former bouncer has stories to tell.

Potatoes are integral to Irish cooking culture. Learn these four classic recipes and you'll be set.

This week I learned pickle juice is helpful to curing a hangover.