Our Favorite Award-Eligible Stories From The Takeout This Week

The internet operates on hyperspeed—as fast as it takes for your thumb to flick up your phone screen. It means you may have missed some of The Takeout's award-eligible food and beverage writing. Fear not! We've rounded up some of our proudest pieces of reportage from this past week.


Takeout contributor Dennis Lee argues Raising Cane's serves the finest fast-food chicken fingers extant.

Szechuan Sauce is the rage—especially if you're a Rick & Morty devotee. But just how good is McDonald's most famous/notorious nugget sauce?

California Pizza Kitchen popularized the now-ubiquitous barbecue chicken pizza. How does its bake-at-home version fare? Our review.

Our resident restaurant-etiquette columnist on how to deal with "those people."

Every month, we round-up the latest in trucks overturning shit on our roadways.

The worst part about French fries is they lose their crispiness in minutes. Is there any way to resuscitate soggy fries? We've got a few solutions.

Takeout staff writer Kate Bernot returned from a birthday trip through Mexico. She recounts her favorite food memories from her week-long expedition.


If Tasty-style overhead recipe videos make your head spin, may we offer three alternatives on YouTube that are the cinematic equivalent of a slow braise.

Different glass shapes, it turns out, can affect how your wine tastes. Takeout staff writer Gwen Ihnat sits down with master sommelier Alpana Singh to learn about its subtle differences.

In our recurring series, we head to Portugal for a crash course on its gorgeous, misunderstood cuisine.

There's this perception that brown eggs taste better, and are better for you, than white eggs. Is this true? We ask a number of eggs-perts. Sorry.

The Instant Pot can do everything, it seems. Is it possible to brew beer? Our resident beer columnist Kate Bernot digs around.

Mug cakes are supposed to be simple concoctions made from ingredients lying around the house. Gwen Ihnat discovers a box mix—does this defeat the point?

Our most popular story this week: Our Salty Waitress answers whether servers prefer tips by cash or plastic.