Our Favorite Award-Eligible Stories From The Takeout This Week

The internet operates on hyperspeed—as fast as it takes for your thumb to flick up your phone screen. It means you may have missed some of The Takeout's award-eligible food and beverage writing. Fear not! We've rounded up some of our proudest pieces of reportage from this past week.

The secret is using chopped and marinated mushrooms and mixing it into the raw ground beef before forming your patties. Dare I say, I like this even better than an all-meat cheeseburger.

Staff writer Gwen Ihnat, in her month-long mission to become a better pie-maker, runs into a rookie mistake: When it comes to baking, you can't just wing it.

Our resident advice columnist answers a nagging question: Will your server get annoyed if you only order one entree between two diners?

After seeing an incredible-looking brisket sandwich smothered with Mexican chocolate mole sauce, I attempt to recreate the dish at home. Was it a success or failure?

What does the date on your milk carton really mean? We solicited some dairy experts to answer the question: Is it safe to drink milk past the date on the label?

Wolfgang Puck is one of the most famous celebrity chefs in America. Just how good are his line of canned organic soup? We taste-tested six—and one in particular is so good we'll be buying it again this weekend.

Sure, lots of folks are using fish sauce to umamify their dishes. But if you really want to go next-level, consider shrimp paste. Here's our field guide to what that magical funky gunk.


A tricky question with a tricky answer.

This is the one show you should stream on Netflix this weekend. It's really worth your time.