Oreo's Limited-Edition Chocolate Confetti Cake Cookie Celebrates The Fact That Oreo Loves Making Limited-Edition Cookies

Oreo celebrates its 110th birthday on March 6, if cookies can celebrate birthdays

March 6 marks Oreo's 110th birthday, and yet another limited-edition Oreo flavor is about to grace grocery shelves at the end of this month. The company is known for rolling out limited-edition cookies about as frequently as I Google "inflamed wound when to worry." So, a lot. And we've been through it all, from Kettle Corn Oreos to a Pop-Rock-type-candy-infused "Firework" Oreos to the classic "Here's A Dessert You Didn't Think You Wanted As An Oreo, And After Trying One, You Still Don't Want This Dessert As An Oreo" Oreos.

The birthday flavor, christened Chocolate Confetti Cake, features rainbow sprinkles both in the creme and in the cookie. It also has a double layer of chocolate-cake-flavored creme filling and the classic filling with sprinkles, according to a press release sent to The Takeout. It'll be in stores nationwide on January 31, but you can also pre-order it on Oreo's website for $4.50 (and $9.95 for ground shipping, but free shipping if you want to pretend it's Uniqlo and spend $75).

According to Twitter, the birthday flavor is not approved by iconic artist and patron saint of logging on Dionne Warwick.

But for Oreo, a new cookie flavor can't be the only birthday surprise. It's also hosting a sweepstakes on January 15 until March 31, which you can enter by scanning a code on any package of Oreos, or hopping on its special birthday website and handing over your email address. Which, uh-uh. I love Oreos, but these people can have my email address by prying it from my cold, dead hands, or by easily looking it up online.

As for the sweepstakes prizes, Oreo's U.S. brand manager Sydney Kranzmann said in a statement that the company would be "granting some fan wishes through our special sweepstakes prizes!" and the press release mentions "a baking class with Dominique Ansel" and "a basketball experience with AT&T Slam Dunk champion Dwight Howard" in addition to "Oreo swag." Sure, not everyone will nab a prize, but everyone will win promotional emails from Oreo for life. Happy 110th, Oreo.