How Much Stuf Will Ever Be Enough For Oreo?

How much more, Oreo? How much are we mere humans expected to take? First there were Double-Stuf Oreos, debuting all the way back in 1974. Frankly, for those who really, really love that Oreo filling, that seemed like plenty. Not enough for Oreo, though, as the company then introduced the Mega Stuf Oreo in 2013.

Had enough yet? Apparently not. Now Oreo has reportedly announced the Most Stuf Oreo, coming in 2019.

People magazine spied an Instagram post by The Junk Food Aisle, claiming an actual product photo of Oreo's most-stuffed release yet.

The title Most Stuf implies that this may finally be the end of Oreo's quest to inject us with more and more Stuf (although we suspect that 2020 will bring us Double Most Stuf or something similar). But will Most Stuff even be good? After all, the appeal of the Oreo lies in the tasty combo of filling against the pair of crunchy chocolate cookies. All these extra Stuf layers just throw the ratio off.

So can we just put an end to all this Stuf (and) nonsense? Or at least, come up with a more impactful name? The Takeout decided to make its own maximal-stuffed Oreo this morning (below is an Oreo constructed with an entire package worth of stuffing) and brainstormed some branding ideas. We apologize in advance.