What Is This, A Brewery For ANTS?

An Oregon brewery has constructed a tiny, ant-sized brewery—and it could be yours.

Zoolander premiered exactly 20 years ago this month, further solidifying our collective fear that a clueless fashion model would someday be brainwashed to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Now, in celebration of the film's big anniversary, one brewery is reviving the infamous "center for ANTS" scene with a tiny brewery—a brewery for ANTS.

Located in Eugene, Oregon, Hop Valley Brewery is "reimagining what a modern center for ants would look like." Per a press release sent to The Takeout, Hop Valley's "Brewery for Ants" is a "miniature, tricked out replica of the Hop Valley brewery." But this thing isn't just for show—it's part of a giveaway that also includes a big, fat $5,000 prize. The brand writes:

"Here at Hop Valley we're a brewery for everyone... even ants. So the ant farm brings to life our favorite pieces of the human-sized brewery but slightly smaller, like stools in the taproom, CryoHops freezing in the back, tiny beer tanks, tie dye couch and more."

Would you like to take home this stunning brewery for ants? Through October 1, you can text ANTS to 90464 to enter for a chance to win. (The contest is open to anyone living in the States, not just Oregonians.) The winner will take home the ant brewery as well as a mini fridge and "$5,000 towards a trip to visit the full-size brewery in Oregon."

I should note that ants and beer are not included in the final prize. Still, I can't imagine it'd be too hard to get ants to visit your ant brewery. Just put out a little sign advertising a trendy IPA (India Pale Ant), hang some Edison bulbs, and get to work on some cool, ant-sized T-shirts. Your juke joint will be the talk of the town—er, hill—in no time.