The World's Most Famous Cheese Sandwich Is Now On Goldbelly

Order the Augusta National pimento cheese sandwich to pair with the 2024 Masters.

It's so simple: a creamy, tangy, red-speckled spread stuffed between two slices of Wonder Bread. Yet the pimento cheese sandwiches lined up like rows of library books wrapped in signature hunter green to-go baggies have flown off the shelves at Masters tournament since 1947, and they're easily the world's most famous in professional sports. Now, this iconic sandwich can be delivered to your doorstep, even if you didn't make the qualifying round.

Augusta National's legendary pimento cheese sandwich (or "pa-men-tah," if you're south of the Mason–Dixon) is as synonymous with The Masters golf tournament as the green jacket worn by its champion each year. Thanks to the tournament's collaboration with Goldbelly, the sandwich is available to order online in 2024, along with other fan-favorite foods and classic concessions from golf's biggest event of the year.

Goldbelly has long shipped iconic foods from well-known restaurants, bakeries, and food artisans across the country. But this is the first time the service has partnered with the tournament to offer a pair of limited-edition Taste of the Masters hosting kits so fans can "feast on tradition" and experience the flavors of the Masters from the comfort of home, just in time for tee-off.

The Classic Kit, which serves 4-6, includes the world-famous Pimento Cheese, potato chips, and mini chocolate MoonPies, complete with 2024 Tournament souvenir cups (12), Masters-branded wax paper (a sleeve of 12 sheets), Masters Coasters (12), and other "hosting kit materials." It costs $99.95, and shipping is free. Bread and buns are not included.

The Large Hosting Kit serves 12-14 and includes Pimento Cheese, Pork Bar-B-Que, egg salad, plain and barbecue potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, Georgia pecan caramel popcorn, 2024 Tournament souvenir cups (25), and larger quantities of the wax paper, coasters, and hosting accessories. This kit costs $179.95 (free shipping), and as with the Classic Kit, you'll have to BYO Wonder Bread.

As beloved as the pimento cheese sandwich might be, this deep South delicacy has courted some controversy over the decades. It turns out that the simple trio of cheddar cheese, pimento peppers, and mayonnaise, sometimes called Southern pâté, hasn't always been easy for The Masters to replicate—a fact the tournament learned the hard way when it dared to change vendors over the years.

Unlike The Masters ticket prices, which can soar into the thousands if you're not one of the lucky few to secure a spot via the tournament's lottery, the price of a pimento cheese sandwich has remained an affordable $1.50 for years, much like the Costco's famed hot dog and refillable soda combo. Though everything else about The Masters is expensive, this might just be the cheapest meal in all of professional sports.