Only In L.A.: Armie Hammer Babysat A Restaurant So Halle Berry Could Get Delivery

As a non-L.A. resident, I can only imagine what it must be like to be surrounded by celebrities at all times. So much so that when faced with a momentary work emergency, you would turn to the first familiar face you see and ask if they wouldn't mind holding down the fort for while.


Apparently that's what happened to Armie Hammer yesterday. He went into a restaurant, and the manager asked him to mind the store, as he had to go off and make a delivery to another celebrity. "As a celebrity, you get that, right?"

On one level, I get it: He's Armie Hammer, he's not about to raid the till or anything. On the other hand...

Hammer dutifully tweeted his experience for the rest of us, as he apparently tried to do a good job:


Fortunately, his Twitter pals were only too happy to offer comments and suggestions:

Hammer must have done a commendable enough job, because all seemed to have gone okay:

But the weirdness was not done with Armie Hammer yet: