One Lobster, Two Lobster, Red Lobster, Blue Lobster

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio has one Red Lobster. A small city does not need two Red Lobsters.And a delivery that went to said Red LobsterHad crabs, and shrimp, and a rare blue lobster!

A blue lobster's no average lobster, you seeIts color's a genetic anomaly!Just one in 2 million lobsters is blueThey don't go on a plate—no!—they belong in a zoo!


The employees all loved their new friend ClawdeBut where to find him a home where he would be adored?A place where he'd live as a jolly old soul,Where he'd never end up on a hot buttery roll.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium then saidTo bring Clawde to Akron Zoo to rest his lobster head.The zoo built him a tank, named it "Clawde's Man Cave"It's in Komodo Kingdom, where the cold-bloods are displayed.

Now Clawde can be a big blue starA unique crustacean, so striking, bizarre!Want to see what ichthyology finds so desirous?Well, you can't, the zoo is closed, thanks to coronavirus.