On The Bachelor: Winter Games, 2 Drinks Per Hour Constitutes Responsible Drinking

People who watch The Bachelor hoping for champagne-filled hookups or cocktail-fueled catfights may be out of luck in the series' latest spinoff. After Bachelor In Paradise got temporarily shut down after "allegations of misconduct" this summer, ABC has announced that the franchise will be cracking down on the bottomless champagne flutes in the four-part The Bachelor: Winter Games. 

The A.V. Club reported that Bachelor In Paradise halted production briefly after "accusations of negligence against crew members who may have failed to stop a sexual encounter between two cast members, despite at least one of them being too drunk to consent." E!Online states that Bachelor: Winter Games cast members must now log every single drink, so that the crew can keep track, and are limited to two drinks an hour. That still sounds like a considerable amount of alcohol to us, but we've been sober for 11 days, so what do we know? Also, "new mental health and wellness staff members were hired to help monitor cast members around the clock."

Looks like Olympics-themed The Bachelor: Winter Games will instead be focusing on non-drinking activities, like ice-dancing and a winter biathlon. The crew will also be making sure that contestants hadn't been drinking "for a certain amount of time before participating in any of the games and competitions." That latter event involves both skiing and rifle-shooting, yet another reason that the limited-alcohol policy sounds like an excellent idea. The Bachelor: Winter Games premieres Tuesday, February 13, on ABC.