On Tap Beer Additive

Earlier this summer, I started reading about On Tap Liquid Beer Enhancer on booze nerd sites like Beer Advocate, at which point I pretty much knew we had to Taste Test it. After all, what are Taste Tests if not an excuse to drink weird liquor? The fine people at On Tap were kind enough to send us versions of both their Pale Ale and American Ale products, and on we went, doctoring the cheapest, shittiest beer we could find with On Tap, which as a "liquid flavor enhancer" promised to help us "enjoy a craft brew taste at a fraction of the cost." The results weren't great, as you can see above, but in On Tap's defense, we may have squeezed just a little too much of the "revolutionary" product into the cheap beers we were drinking. Or maybe On Tap's just not great. Don't take our word for it, though. On Tap is on sale online and at a number of choice retailers nationwide.