OMG Papa John's And Wendy's Were TOTALLY In Merger Talks

D-R-A-M-A! The craaazy Papa John's story gets even juicier today, as sources say Wendy's and Papa John's were talking about merging—FOR REAL!—before disgraced founder John Schnatter said all that racist shit. HERE ARE THE DEETS:

The Wall Street Journal says sweet girl-next-door Wendy's was all like "Hmmmm yeah maybe we could merge, I guess, let's just talk," keeping it casual, ya know?! So Papa John's was pretty into it and they had like, one meeting, pretty chill. Then Wendy's Googles Papa John's—DUHHHH—and sees all the crazy shit Schnatter's been saying.

And then Wendy's is like OH HEEEEELL TO THE NO and totally ghosts Papa John's, who was probably texting her 24-7 like a weirdo. PJ's and Wendy's are both keeping their mouths shut at this point and wouldn't comment to the WSJ—totally makes sense.

In other celebstaurant news, BDarb's is still an item.